Tsu Shi Ma Mi Re

Coming into the Japan Girls Night 2005 tour of the US, I knew of Tsu Shi Ma Mi Re, but had no idea how superb they actually are, especially live.

Mari (Vocals, Guitar), Yayoi (Bass), and Mizue (Drums) are a funky pop-noise-punk trio who started around the year 2000. They're out supporting their first album, [Pregnant Fantasy], and are extremely hard not to like, in a head and body bobbing sort or way. They're lyrically domestic, but sonically watery.

I got a chance to talk to Mari, who takes charge of the microphone with whisper-screams, and they had a blast with their second mini-tour of the US. I even found out that the rollicking Mizue is a Blankey Jet City fan, which only served to cement my appreciation for the band. Finally, one can't leave a Tsu Shi Ma Mi Re show without taking fond memories of Yayoi, who cradles her bass like it was a long lost boyfriend, and can only be watched with awe.

Yes, I'm completely taken by this powerhouse group, who have a live show that inspires fanboys to push for the front row spots, and then trail after them post set. Not that I can talk, I begged Mari for their set list (acquired), and bestowed Yayoi some pictures of the band when they played in San Francisco. I wear my fixation proudly, which is easy when they're so nice yet talented.

They sweat funky free-form, happy growl pop rock that sounds great on record, but can only really be understood live. Simply put, Tsu Shi Ma Mi Re put on one hell of a show. Two of my favorite songs are [Yoi-Tempo Desu] and [World Peace & "BOU"] from their first demo EP - if you ever see them live make sure to ask/beg to purchase it, if for only to get these two rock masterpieces.

I'm also crazy about pretty much everything on [Souzou Ninshin] (Pregnant Fantasy), including [Ebihara Shinji], [Manhole] and [Tea Time Ska], which have the slow-fast yell-whisper funk-punk thing down pat. It's a very solid recording that's both fun and fantastic that you should definitely track down.

Thus, Tsu Shi Ma Mi Re are my new favorite band, and even though I went to see The Pillows and Noodles at the San Francisco show, it was these girls I moved to the front for.

Just for the record, their name means nothing in particular, but it is derived from the names of the band members.

tsu shi ma mi re (tsushimamire)

Mari: Vocals, Guitar
Yayoi: Bass, Chorus
Mizue: Drums, Chorus



2nd Album [A, Umi Da.] Out Now!

A, Umi Da.

2nd Album:
[A, Umi Da.] JM
Victor, VICB-60046

After a strong run of mini albums, Tsu Shi Ma Mi Re now have a stellar second album out now. You are well advised to check it out - it's powerfully fun.

Tsu Shi Ma Mi Re to tour the US Fall 2006!

Just like last year, the amazing Tsu Shi Ma Mi Re are touring with selected members of the Suicide Girls stable of half-dressed women.

Sep 28 - Minneapolis, MN, First Avenue
Sep 30 - Chicago, IL, Double Door
Oct 01 - Chicago, IL, Double Door
Oct 02 - Detroit, MI, The Majestic
Oct 05 - Saint Louis, MO, Pop's
Oct 06 - Iowa City, IA, The Picador
Oct 08 - Cleveland, OH, Beachland Ballroom
Oct 09 - Columbus, OH, Little Brother's
Oct 10 - Buffalo, NY, Buffalo Icon
Oct 15 - Hartford, CT, Webster Theatre
Oct 17 - Northampton, MA, Pearl Street
Oct 18 - Cambridge, MA, Middle East
Oct 19 - Philadelphia, PA, Starlite Ballroom
Oct 20 - Atlantic City, NJ, Club Harlem at House of Blues Atlantic
Oct 21 - Brooklyn, NY, Southpaw
Oct 22 - New York, NY, Knitting Factory
Oct 24 - Baltimore, MD, The Ottobar
Oct 25 - Falls Church, VA, State Theatre
Oct 27 - Charlotte, NC, Amos' Southend
Oct 28 - Atlanta, GA, Roxy Theatre
Oct 29 - Miami, FL, Studio A
Oct 30 - Cocoa Beach, FL, Club Kashmere
Oct 31 - Tallahassee, FL, The Beta Bar
Nov 02 - Houston, TX, Numbers
Nov 03 - Austin, TX, Emo's
Nov 04 - Dallas, TX, Gypsy Ballroom
Nov 06 - Oklahoma City, OK, Bricktown Live
Nov 07 - San Antonio, TX, White Rabbit
Nov 09 - Albuquerque, NM, Launchpad
Nov 10 - Tucson, AZ, Club Congress
Nov 13 - Phoenix, AZ, Marquee Theatre
Nov 14 - San Diego, CA, Brick by Brick
Nov 15 - Los Angeles, CA, Key Club
Nov 16 - Agoura Hills, CA, The Canyon Club
Nov 17 - Santa Ana, CA, The Galaxy
Nov 18 - Cabazon, CA, Key Club@Morongo

Audrey from BENTEN also says that the latest Tsu Shi Ma Mi Re Live DVD is ready, with footage from Tokyo and across the US. $15 for 64 minutes can't be beat, and that's reason enough to attend one of the above shows.

I'm sure the music will be great, and the assembled girls alt-attractive, but last year in San Francisco I stayed for my Japanese associates, and left soon after the burlesque started - among other things, I wasn't that into the hooting crowd. Your mileage may vary, but you'll no doubt carry the musical magic home with you.

Pictures From Their US Tour in 2005

Concert Pictures from Berkeley Show
Taken 3.27.05 by your Junk Magnet

Concert Pictures from San Francisco Show
Taken 3.28.05 by your Junk Magnet

Tsu Shi Ma Mi Re to tour the US 3.2006!

Japan Night 2006 is almost upon us. That's a South By Southwest (SXSW) event, as well as a tour, and it's all super-special. Tsu Shi Ma Mi Re are a big part of this spectacular.

Here is the show information as it stands today, with updates to come:

The Emeralds, The Rodeo Carburettor, PE'Z, ELLEGARDEN, Tsu Shi Ma Mi Re, and VASALLO CRAB 75, for SXSW

03.18.06 - Austin, TX (SXSW), Elysium

The Emeralds, The Rodeo Carburettor, PE'Z, ELLEGARDEN, Tsu Shi Ma Mi Re, and STANCE PUNKS, for US Tour

03.20.06 - New York, NY, Knitting Factory
03.21.06 - Cambridge, MA, TT The Bear's
03.22.06 - Philadelphia, PA, Khyber
03.23.06 - Chicago, IL, Empty Bottle
03.24.06 - Denver, CO, Bluebird Theater
03.26.06 - Seattle, WA, Nuemos
03.27.06 - Portland, OR, Berbati's Pan
03.28.06 - San Francisco, CA, Independent
03.29.06 - Los Angeles, CA, Knitting Factory

I will make an extreme effort to catch the tour in SF, but attendence at any stop near you is recommended.

[Pregnant Fantasy] To Be Distributed In The US!

Souzou Ninshin  (Pregnant Fantasy)

1st Album:
[Pregnant Fantasy]

In a month, Nail will be distributing BENTEN releases in the US, starting with Tsu Shi Ma Mi Re and their brilliant [Pregnant Fantasy]. It's a great album, and a must have for fans (and fans to be). Make sure to track it down in stores, if you don't pick it up at a show during their fall tour.

Tsu Shi Ma Mi Re to tour the US this Fall!

I heard from Yayoi a few days ago, and I was excited to receive their final schedule for their Fall tour of the US.

Note that they are a part of the Suicide Girls Live Burlesque tour, which should add interest to the shows:

9.30.05 - Phoenix, AZ, The Clubhouse
10.01.05 - Tuscon, AZ, Club Congress
10.03.05 - Denton, TX, Hailey's
10.04.05 - Austin, TX, Emo's
10.05.05 - Houston, TX, Engine Room
10.07.05 - Charlotte, NC, Amos
10.08.05 - Baltimore, MD, Ottobar
10.09.05 - Philadelphia, PA, Starlight Ballroom
10.10.05 - NYC, Knitting Factory
10.11.05 - NYC, Knitting Factory
10.12.05 - Boston, MA, Middle East
10.13.05 - Northampton, MA, Pearl St.
10.14.05 - Buffalo, NY, The Icon
10.15.05 - Pittsburgh, PA, Rex Theater
10.16.05 - Cleveland, OH, Beachland
10.18.05 - Indianapolis, IN, Vogue Theater
10.21.05 - Chicago, IL, Logan Square Auditorium
10.22.05 - Minneapolis, MN, Fine Line
10.24.05 - Kansas City, MO, Granada
10.25.05 - Denver, CO, Gothic Theater
10.28.05 - Seattle, WA, Neumo's
10.31.05 - Petaluma, CA, Mystic Theater
11.02.05 - San Francisco, CA, The Independent
11.03.05 - San Francisco, CA, The Independent
11.04.05 - Modesto, CA, Fat Cat
11.05.05 - Los Angeles, CA, El Rey

There also might be this show, which I'm not certain is cancelled:
10.19.05 - Newport, KY, Southgate House
Check with the venue to see if that's still on.

Another Tsu Shi Ma Mi Re tour with Japan Girls Night!

Due to our amazing luck, they are not only touring the US with the Suicide Girls Live Burlesque all during October, but right after that they will grace the West Coast with another mini-tour, the sequel to Japan Girls Night. This time, they are performing along with AMPPEZ and Red Bacteria Vacuum, which I know nothing about, save for their gender, BENTEN affiliation, and likely talent.

You can learn more about these bands at right here, and then please study the tour schedule below, to find out if you can attend.

11.06.05 - Los Angeles, CA, King King
11.08.05 - San Francisco, CA, Studio Z
11.09.05 - McKinleyville, CA, Six Rivers Brewery
11.10.05 - Portland, OR, Towne Lounge
11.11.05 - Seattle, WA, Rockrgrl Conference, Rockrgrl Conference
11.12.05 - Seattle, WA, Rockrgrl Conference, Rockrgrl Conference

JM = Junk Magnet has this

albums and singles

Love & Peace & BOU

[Love & Peace & BOU] JM
Demo CD-R

Souzou Ninshin  (Pregnant Fantasy)

1st Album:
[Souzou Ninshin] (Pregnant Fantasy) JM

Souzou Ninshin  (Pregnant Fantasy)

1st Album (US Release):
[Pregnant Fantasy] JM

Noumiso Shortcake

Mini Album:
[Noumiso Shortcake] JM
Wint, JKCA-1037

Tsushimamire to Rock to Beer de

Mini Album:
[Tsushimamire to Rock to Beer de] JM
Wint, DDCB-14003

Six Mix Girls

Mini Album:
[Six Mix Girls] JM
Wint, XQGC-1001

Time Lag

[Time Lag] JM
Victor, VICB-35015

A, Umi Da.

2nd Album:
[A, Umi Da.] JM
Victor, VICB-60046




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