Tomoe Shinohara

Tomoe Shinohara is perhaps the cutest young woman model actress singer I can think of. All of 21 years old, she's been around a while now and has a way of lighting up the stage, screen or lens that is amazing.

I'm starting to catch up with her earlier musical work, but I'm still having some difficulty locating it. Her present sound is hyper dancy modern yet laid back - like a big cupcake with all sorts of sprikles that a bunch of kids are attacking at once, if that makes any sense.

She's the kind of girl that dances around with huge Sanrio characters while dressed like something out of a punk comic book - uniquely accessible and highly energetic. And her speaking voice... well, she's just terribly endearing, OK?

She's all over magazine covers these days, and the last TV series I was able to catch her in was [Under the Cover of Night], this weird show about a team of people that rescued people in too much debt. Strange, but Tomoe was charming as always.

[Megaphone Speaks], her last full album, collects 12 normal-to-hyper ballads backed by solidly catchy instrumentation. Some tracks, like [Shopping A-Z] - a listing of what food Tomoe likes to buy at the store - are fancy fluffy like cotton candy, while others like [Paraido] are solidly modern and dancy (albeit synth heavy), and warrant multiple listens. Overall, I've received consistent enjoyment out of this recording over the past few months.

[Dream and Machine], a mini-album in celebration of her 20th birthday - with tracks in collaboration with people like Buffalo Daughter, Sean Lennon, and Naoko from Shonen Knife - is a solid collection of 9 songs and a good introduction to what she's all about.

The last single that I've heard, [An Audio], is a mid-tempo dancy number that sounds quite swell, and bodes well for her next album.

Once I get my act together and listen to the rest of her music, especially her last few singles, I'll give you the real deal about the leader of Shinorers Club. Until then, check out for tons of Tomoe info in English.

tomoe shinohara

Tomoe Shinohara: Vocals



Tomoe Acting As Pippi Longstocking

That is to say, she's been recently portraying Pippi in live theater. One of the many tidbits I've gained from the fan Yahoo Group, which is irregular at this time.

JM = Junk Magnet has this

albums and singles (incomplete)

[Supermodel] JM
Ki-Oon KSC2-158

[Megaphone Speaks] JM
Ki-Oon KSC2-236

[Dream and Machine] JM
Warner-J HDCA-10002

Remix Album
[Deep Sound Channel] JM
Warner-J HDCA-10020

11th Single:
[An Audio] JM
Warner-J HDCA-10036

12th Single:
[I wanna say to....]
Warner-J HDCA-10047

13th Single:
Warner-J HDCA-10052

For a more complete discography (in Japanese), try this page. Or this japanese databank, which is insanely detailed.

tomoe shinohara


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