Titan Go King's

There are bands you like for purely aesthetic purposes - their sound, divorced from their show, is pleasing for whatever reason. Then there are bands like Titan Go King's that have to be appreciated via the whole package, music as well as stage presence.

Pinky (Vocals, Guitar), Yonyon (Bass) and Lintsu (Drums) are three girls from Kyoto and Tokyo that have that special something, cuteness combined with a visceral pop punk explosion that's hard to resist.

In other words, Titan Go King's ROCK. Big noise of bliss, the sort of tuneful yet loud music that's suitable for commercials or late night mosh pits. They just finished a Japan Girls Night Tour of the US, with highlights at South By Southwest and on the West Coast, including Berkeley and San Francisco. I saw them two nights in a row, and enjoyed every minute.

Pinky is the core of the band, and the only existing member from the original late-90s Kyoto lineup. Their first album, [Ultrasonic Wave 01], recalls that time effectively, and I've enjoyed the songs I've heard off of it, especially [Mr. YONEDA: Who Hit Me By Car], a superspeed-punk jam which Pinky screams the hell out of live.

Currently promoting [Gut's Idol], TGK make feel-good fast-paced music that's exemplified by [A volume of Titan Go King's], the catchy song for their ultra-cute promotional video, or [Go! Go! Idol], which never fails to get the crowd moving (what with matching arm movements to spell T-I-T-A-N, required for the full experience).

Yonyon and Lintsu have filled out the new configuration nicely, and the current trio plays and looks great together. The matching caps and shirts are only the icing of the cake that makes a kawaii visual impression on top of their music. I see no reason why they can't achieve their goal of being mass idols, and I for one am looking forward to it.

By the way, their name is spelled Titan Go King's, Titan Go Kings or Chitan Gokinzu, depending on your source. The original name in Japanese is far less ambiguous.

titan go king's (chitan go king's)

Pinky: Vocals, Guitar
Yonyon: Bass, Chorus
Lintsu: Drums, Chorus



Concert Pictures From US Tour in 2005

Go to this junk.log page or this one to see them in action.

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Ultrasonic Wave 01

1st Album:
[Ultrasonic Wave 01] JM

Go! Go! Idol

[Go! Go! Idol] JM

Gut's Idol

2nd Album:
[Gut's Idol] JM


titan go king's


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