In 1996, Kenichi Asai spread his Blankey Jet City wings a bit and started up a new super-tasty band called Sherbets.

Over the course of four albums, Kenichi and crew created quite a marvelous noise, from the sweet and sour [Sekilala] (which was produced during the BJC years), to the three hard rocking yet almost sensitive albums that were [Siberia], [Aurora] and the mind-altering [Vietnam 1964].

The Sherbets were masters at creating explosive and atmosperhic tracks that couldn't help but hit all the right acupressure points. [Siberia], their only Polydor album, is where I joined the party, and I can't help but list it as one of my all time faves. Any album with neo-emo-bliss tracks like [Hakusei No Mink] or [VINNY] is worth adoring forever, but then you also get washing machine rockers like [Joan Jet No Inu], which makes the whole world join hands to create a humongous moshing pit. Trust me, you'll enjoy it tons.

What's more, [Aurora] just takes it's predecesor and switches the turntable down below 33, so it's more of the same greatness, only with less, you know, more! [Merry Lou] is for the romantics, [Taxi Drive] is for the pleased Pixies critic in us all, and [Team Point] is plain delicious, like a huge ice cube with a core of apple juice. Clearly, I can't put this album into words, but it's a bit more evolved rollrock with tenderness and advanced Kenichi tendencies.

[Vietnam 1964], on the other hand, makes you want to carpet bomb carpets with the Pillows (another JM favorite). That's to say that it's more growling, even in the slow tracks. [Sally] is a case in point, it starts out all Clay Aiken but ends up opening for Drive Like Jehu or something. You get my point, the Sherbets massage before they poke you with the message. [Tomodachi] is friendly yet you never know when it might turn on you, and [Love Jobin Dug] has the Qumico Fucci keyboard touch that accents Kenichi so expertly that you just want to scream. This album has enough of it all that I never will be able to get enough.

The long and the short of it is that you deserve the Sherbets in your life. They may be dearly departed, but the spirit lives on in any of the fine recordings listed below.

Make sure to check out my Blankey Jet City, Ajico and Jude pages for more, related greatness.


Kenichi Asai: Vocals, Guitar
Qumico Fucci: Keyboards, Chorus
Kenichi Nakata: Bass
Kimitoshi Sotomura: Drums



New Album Out 11.23.2005!

Siberian Madness

[Siberian Madness]
VKCS-35 (limited, with DVD)
VKCS-36 (regular)

I don't know too much about this yet, except that it's a best-of album. The Limited Edition comes with a DVD, so you know which version I've ordered.

Surprise New Album Out 3.9.2005!



You cannot believe how excited I was to receive these 11 new songs. Much quieter than their first few albums, but nevertheless brilliant.

Last Album Out 10.28.2001!

Vietnam 1964

[Vietnam 1964]
Sexy Stones SSR-011

This album is one for the ages. So brilliant that it hurts; Sherbets will be missed.

New Maxi Single Out 10.3.2001!

Black Jenny

[Black Jenny]
Sexy Stones SSR-010

Oh man, two tracks guaranteed to blow you away in that general Sherbets way. I was quite happy to track this down.

JM = Junk Magnet has this

albums and singles


1st Album:
[Sekilala] JM
Toshiba-EMI TOCT-953

High School

[High School]
Polydor POCH-1800


2nd Album:
[Siberia] JM
Polydor POCH-1804

Siberia Gig

Live CD:
[Siberia Gig] JM
Sexy Stones SSR-002

38 Special

Single (Maxi):
[38 Special]
Sexy Stones SSR-004


3rd Album:
[Aurora] JM
Sexy Stones SSR-005

Sanlin Buggy

Single (Maxi):
[Sanlin Buggy]
Sexy Stones SSR-008

Kamisori Song

Single (Maxi):
[Kamisori Song]
Sexy Stones SSR-009

Black Jenny

[Black Jenny] JM
Sexy Stones SSR-010

Vietnam 1964

4th Album:
[Vietnam 1964] JM
Sexy Stones SSR-011


5th Album:
[Natural] JM

Siberian Madness

Best Of Album:
[Siberian Madness]JM
VKCS-35 (limited, with DVD)
VKCS-36 (regular)




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