Omoide Hatoba

Seiichi Yamamoto is simply godlike, and therefore Omoide Hatoba is akin to Mt. Olympus, only a lot noisier.

Originally a Boredoms side-project, Omoide quickly made a strong showing all their own, and honestly have put out a stronger set of albums than the Boredoms themselves (sorry, Eye).

They've changed a lot over the years from almost-intolerable to basically adorable, with shiny sonic platters spinning - experimentally winterfresh.

I simply love Omoide Hatoba, and had the priviledge of seeing them live a while back - there were literally amps heald overhead, if you know what I mean.

If you see an album, especially the last two, buy it and bounce up and down to the now sounds.

omoide hatoba

Seiichi Yamamoto: Guitar, Vocals, Synthesizer
Atsushi Tsuyama: Bass, Vocals, Bass Harmonica, Drums
Chu Hasegawa: Vocals, etc.
Plus others....



Make Sure To Check Out Rovo

Seiichi Yamamoto is now in Rovo, a fine band similar to Omoide Hatoba (although more like the later, atmospheric albums). I'll make up a Rovo page soon.

JM = Junk Magnet has this


1st Album:
[Daiongaku] JM
Alchemy ARCD-015

2nd Album:
[Suichu Joe] JM
Alchemy ARCD-031

3rd Album:
[Black Hawaii] JM
Alchemy ARCD-050

4th Album:
[Mantako] JM
Public Bath PBCD-5

5th Album:
[Livers and Giggers 1987~1993] JM
Japan Overseas J094-2

6th Album:
[Kinsei] JM
Meldac MECI-28001

7th Album:
[Vuoy] JM
Trattoria 117, Polystar PSCR-5592


omoide hatoba


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Solo Albums in US


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