Mean Machine

Yes, after Judy and Mary, Yuki is still performing, now with a super female quintet called Mean Machine.

I waited anxiously for months to find out what she and other luminaries like Ayumi, Chiwaki, Yukarie and Chara have produced, and I finally received their first stellar album [Cream], about a week ago.

To my ears, Mean Machine have this Breeders meets Cake Like thing going on, with more low-hi-fi ooomph and reckless abandon than most of us deserve.

Songs like [Su-Ha] - the opening track and first single, which goes from heavy breathing to [Pod]-era Kim Deal guitar action, with some Kim Gordon thrown in for good measure - rock the house more completely than anything you'll hear on the radio in the US these days.

I'm particularly partial to [Lucky Star], the MM anthem which never ceases to amaze me (and start my head bobbing with the Yuki big-beat drum-crash action). This is the song to start out 2002 right with, and if you're not hooked by the second verse then I fear for your sonic-soul

Other stand-out tracks are [My Little Bag] (early Shonen Knife meets Guided by Voices), [Te Ni Nore] (a solidly-sweet slow sway), and [Oui? D'accord?] (some skanky joy thanks to Yukarie). Heck, every track has something splendid to offer, from pseudo Sleater-Kinney to post-Le Tigre, and they're all sequenced expertly and wrapped with a nice, bright long-haired bow.

Do you understand me? Mean Machine aren't just destined for greatness - they already are great. Ignore this album at your peril.

If you want to hear for yourself what they have to offer, then check out their shiny sounds from [Cream] on this Sony Page. Yes, there are snippets of every song.

Also, make sure to find out what Yuki is up to lately, in my special shrine for her.

mean machine

Yuki Isoya: Drums, Background Vocals, Keyboards, Percussion, Tenor Sax
Ayumi: Vocals, Blues Harp, Trumpet
Chiwaki: Guitar, Background Vocals, Tenor Sax
Yukarie: Bass, Background Vocals, Tenor Sax
Chara: Drums, Background Vocals, Keyboard, Piano, Percussion, Tenor Sax



New Single out 12.12.2001!

Knock On You

[Knock On You]
ESCL 2285, 1223 yen

[Knock On You] (with DVD)
ESCL 2283, 2284, 2000 yen

I snagged the DVD set, and it comes with two [Su-Ha] videos that I can't wait to see. For more info, go here and find the sound file of your choice

JM = Junk Magnet has this

albums and singles

Su Ha

1st Single:
[Su Ha] JM


Ist Album:
[Cream] JM

Track Listing for [Cream]

01) Su-Ha
02) Johnny Back
03) Lucky Star
04) Amai Candy
05) My Little Bag
06) Love Mission "M"
07) Te Ni Nore
08) Paper Moon
09) Anta No Kimochi No Mama De
10) Oui? D'Accord?
11) Just One Day
12) Soba Ni Ireba
13) Knock On You
14) Ai No Te

Knock On You

2nd Single:
[Knock On You]
ESCL 2285

Knock On You

2nd Single (with DVD):
[Knock On You] JM
ESCL 2283, 2284


mean machine


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Official Sony Page

Chara-san Page[J]
Great Chara Site

Chara+Yuki [J]
Sony Page for Duo Project


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