Kenichi Asai is a musical force to be marveled at. After his Blankey Jet City party ended, he stretched his wings with the Sherbets and Ajico, two bands that I respect very much.

Both of his new outfits did their time and then disbanded, but now Kenichi is back with Jude (pronounced "Yu-day") his latest masterpiece. Think of latter-day BJC crossed with little touches of sonic superiority. All out primal rock meets loaming melodies, to great effect.

As soon as I found out about Jude's existence (from Kenichi's official page, SexyStones), I rushed to acquire their body of work. I wasn't disappointed, because their last three albums are objects to treasure.

[Charming Bloody Tuesday] and [Dirty Animal] came out on the same day in 2002, so one can safely call them a distributed double album. The first is sweeter sounding, with the almost poppy sounding [Silvet] being the exemplary single. [Dirty Animal] has more of a punch and kick to it, and the single [Devil] brings out the dirty guitar strings for a little surf rockabilly garage action. Taken as a whole, these two albums have practically something for everybody, and are highly recommended.

However, the jewel of the bunch is [Highway Child], which came out a year later, and is so great that I've listened to it practically every day since I received it. It represents the Jude quintessence - the energy of Blankey Jet City combined with the slink of Ajico and the slap of Sherbets. The beautiful first track, [ARABIA], even brings in the violin (courtesy of Aya Tamaki), creating an almost filmic sountrack to travel the rest of the album with. Furthermore, the astonishing UA provides backing vocals to [Happa No Ouchi], which is a treat for all Ajico fans. In between those bookending tracks are marvels like [Wild Bebi], [Accele], [Sleeping Charley], and [Kaisuiyoku], a perfect single if there ever was one. Every single track has something special to offer, and you have to give it up for Jude, a dream now realized.

You think I'm exaggerating, but you just haven't been introduced to the kind of bliss I'm now familar with. Complicated yet effortless, Kenichi's compositions are something you are better off experiencing. Yes, they're 99% Japanese lyrically, but you don't need to understand to appreciate.

Please let me know if you find other music as great as this, so I can broaden my horizons further. Also share the love with the Jude fan site URLs, because right now my collection is sparse.


Kenichi Asai: Vocals, Guitar
Keiichi Watanabei: Bass
Junji Ikehata: Drums
Kyoichi Shiino: Drums
Hiroshi Kido: Drums (Zhivago)



New Solo Album Out 9.27.2006

Johnny Hell

1st Solo Album:
[Johnny Hell]
Sexy Stones BVCR-18079 (limited, with DVD)
Sexy Stones BVCR-11094

13 song solo album from the master of that special rock. Limited edition includes DVD.

New Solo Single Out 9.13.2006


2nd Solo Single:
Sexy Stones BVCR-19694 (limited, with DVD)
Sexy Stones BVCR-19693

The second single from Kenichi Asai's new solo album. Limited version has bonus DVD.

New Solo Single Out 7.12.2006

Kiken Sugiru

1st Solo Single:
[Kiken Sugiru]
Sexy Stones BVCR-19074

Kenichi Asai's solo career has started, and I didn't even realize it until now. The first single from his new album, coming very soon.

New Best of Album Out 6.28.2006

Shocking Black

6th Album:
[Shocking Black]
Sexy Stones BVCR-18070 (limited, with DVD)
Sexy Stones BVCR-14209

Alright! 15 classic Jude songs, plus another CD with 6 new tracks. Plus, the limited edition comes with a DVD with ten songs - whew!

New Single Out 8.31.2005


5th Single:
Sexy Stones SSR-034

A 4 song collection that I haven't received yet (I was asleep at the wheel). Will report on it in a month or so.

New Album Out 6.22.2005

Electric Rainbow

[Electric Rainbow]
Sexy Stones SSR-033/VKCJ-33

Just received it tonight. Again with the wonderful brilliance - I really like what I hear. I'll fully discuss this after a few listens.

New Album Out 9.29.2004


Sexy Stones SSR-029/VKCJ-29

Life saving on first listen. Another Kenichi Asai classic, which I will discuss in depth after a few more listens.

To support [Zhivago], Jude will be on tour in Japan from 10.22.2004 to 12.25.2004. [Dick Dee's Party] looks to be the event of the fall and winter - too bad I won't be around to see it.

JM = Junk Magnet has this


1st Single:
Sexy Stones SSR-016


2nd Single:
Sexy Stones SSR-017

Charming Bloody Tuesday

1st Album:
[Charming Bloody Tuesday] JM
SexyStones SSS-018

Dirty Animal

2nd Album:
[Dirty Animal] JM
SexyStones SSS-019


3rd Single:
Sexy Stones SSR-025

Highway Child

3rd Album:
[Highway Child] JM
Sexy Stones SSR-026

Highway Child

4th Album:
[Zhivago] JM
Sexy Stones SSR-029/VKCJ-29

Silvester & Jhonny K

4rd Single:
[Silvester & Jhonny K] JM
Sexy Stones SSR-030

Electric Rainbow

5th Album:
[Electric Rainbow] JM
Sexy Stones SSR-033/VKCJ-33


5th Single:
[Shampoo] JM
Sexy Stones SSR-034

Shocking Black

6th Album:
[Shocking Black]
Sexy Stones BVCR-18070 (limited, with DVD)
Sexy Stones BVCR-14209




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