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This is just a small selection of J-Pop sites; if you have a favorite I haven't linked to here, in either English or Japanese, please let me know.



A grand experiment in Japanese Pop information, with many artist profiles.




A growing collection of artist profiles, features and links, with great interviews.



CD Japan

One of my favorite stores for J-Pop, with good selection and service. Great for pre-orders, and news of the latest releases.






[record labels]

Avex Trax [J]
Music Label

Avex @music [E]
Some Avex Artists

Avex Network [J]
Avex Artist Page

Epic Records [J]
Epic Web Magazine

Hit and Run [J]
Puffy and Tamio

Polystar [J]
Record Label

Polystar Artists [J]
Very Useful

Pryaid [J]
Record Label

Sony English Site
Music Label

Sony Pick Up Artists [J]
Featured Sony Artists up to 2001

Sony Artist List [J]
Very Useful

Sony Artist List [E]
Very Useful

Toshiba EMI [J]
Music Label

Toshiba Artist List [J]
Very Useful

Toshiba Artist Pages [J]
Artist Home Pages

Trattoria [J]
Record Label

Warner Artist List
Music Label


[j-pop search]

Google.co.jp [J]
"J-pop" Search

Google.co.jp [J]
"Jpop" Search

Oricon Links [J]
Comprehensive List

Yahoo Japan J-Pop [J]
Search Page

Yahoo Japan J-Pop
Search Page

Yahoo US J-Pop
Search Page


[j-pop guides]

Famous Japanese [E]
Lots of Biographies

Japanese Electronic Music [E]
Excellent Resource

J-Pop and J-Rock Links [E]
Excellent Links

Japan-Guide.com [E]
General Resource

Juice Music [E/J]
Bilingual Music Mag

Rock Of Japan [E]


[j-pop sites]

Nippop [E]
Great English Resource

Keikaku.net [E]
Excellent Artist Info

J-Music Ignited [E]
Detailed Resource

Discography of J-Pop Artists [J]
Useful for Japanese

Doki Doki J-Town [E]
Informative Fan Site

J-Pop.com [E]
Now A Store, Viz

J-Pop Express [E]
Good Resource, Store

J-Fan J-Pop Site [E]
Great Search, Info

J-Pop Fan Site [J]
Japanese Heavy

Japanese Punk

Jap Hardcore Punk [E]
Japanese Punk

Yeah!! J-Pop! [J]
Recommended - Japanese Heavy


[tv and radio]

J-Wave 81.3 FM
Radio Station

Hey Hey Hey [J]
Famous TV show


[music sales]

Amazon Japan [J]
Amazing Store, ships to US

CD Japan [E]
Informative store

Yes Asia [E/J]
Great Store


[j-pop charts]

Oricon Rankings
Current Rankings


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