the brilliant green

An excellent trio from Kyoto with three albums out thus far, all of which are quite accomplished and catchy.

At least half of their songs are in decent english, and all are quite enjoyable in a poppy, happy guitar sort of way.

Their first self-titled album was fairly sparse, but they seemed to have picked up some productional shine along the way.

[Terra 2000] showed absolutely no signs of a "sophomore slump"; in fact it's probably the first album English speakers should check out, with lots of accessible tracks.

I'm particularly partial to their latest release, [Los Angeles] which has the most Japanese lyrics of any of their albums so far, but also seems to hold together the best. Definitely something to check out.

[The Winter Album] their last album in a few years (and hopefully not their last period) is quite amazing, with a sweet, buzzy shine that's hard to resist. Start there first if you start anywhere.

The only thing you really need to know is that the music is pleasing and well put together, and Tomoko's the bestest.

Check out their web site for song clips.

the brilliant green

Tomoko Kawase: Vocals
Ryo Matsui: Guitar
Shunsaku Okuda: Bass



New Single Celebrating 10 Years Of Buriguri

Since the brilliant green first started just about 10 years ago, there seems to be some celebratory action going on. On 6.1.2007, a new song was introduced, to be played during the end credits of an anime series - the translated title is [Detective School Q], but I don't know if that's the official version, and I'm not familiar with the series.

No matter - the new song seems to have a tentative title of [Stand By Me] (if my translation is correct), and perhaps this is the first sign of a potential reunion for the band. In any case, the song will be there at the end of each episode, starting 7.3.2007. See the official site for more (in Japanese).

Tomoko Has Two Solo Alter Egos

Sorry I haven't updated things in a while, but Tomoko has been quite busy with her solo projects. Please go to my new Tommy february6 / Tommy heavenly6 page to find out all about her post-BuriGuri work

JM = Junk Magnet has this

1st Album:
[The Brilliant Green] JM
Sony-J SMD 8304

2nd Album:
[Terra 2000] JM
Sony-J SMD 8326

[Hello Another Way] JM
Sony-J SRCL 4835

[Angel Song] JM
DFCZ 1023
Sounds pretty great so far - go here for a clip.

3nd Album:
[Los Angeles] JM
DFCZ 1026

4nd Album:
[The Winter Album] JM
DFCL 1087
Go here for clips and album cover art.

Check out their official discography for more

the brilliant green


Sony Page [J]
Info, Discography

Sony Home Page [J-E]
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Tomobiki [E]
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Green Peace [J]
Official Fan Site

TBG Love [J]
Excellent Fan Site

Brilliant! [J]
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Brilliant Green [J-E]
Simple Yet Current

Yahoo Japan Page [J-E]


Tommy february6 - Tomoko Project

Tommy february6 [J]
Info, Sound Clips

Tommy At Ken-On[J]
Choose Your Tommy


Tommy heavenly6 - Tomoko Project

Tommy heavenly6 [J]
Info, Sound Clips

Tommy At Ken-On [J]
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