Blankey Jet City

Blankey Jet City started rocking in Tokyo circa February 1990, and haven't stopped since. Think of the Pixies' [Surfer Rosa] with more surf and Japanese instead of Spanish, and magnify that over a decade. Get the idea? Super-duper white-hot rock explosion.

I first came across this tight trio late in the game, due to casual [M.C. Sister] fashion-magazine reading (one of the few Japanese magazines the Berkeley Library gets). [Harlem Jets] was that issue's highlighted album, and it sounded swell enough that I picked it up the next time I was in Japantown SF.

That was almost a year ago, and since then Blankey Jet City have been one of my top 20 carry-around CDs, never ceasing to please with the high-energy singing by Kenichi Asai, not to mention his excellent guitar work which puts a satisfying twist to US surf-rockabilly-punk-pop.

[Harlem Jets] is by far one of the best records in my collection, and even though it's primarily sung in Japanese, I see no reason why anyone couldn't enjoy it immensely. If you want stick your ears in the jets, by all means start here.

That said, the real prize-package is the massive two CD set, from Toshiba-EMI and Polydor (BJC's two record labels), which spans their decade long career with 36 amazing songs (primarily singles, with 4 previously unreleased tracks). I'm partial to their Polydor years, but that's largely because I haven't scooped up their earlier albums yet.

Like I said before, I'm new to the Blanket Jet City party, and over the next couple of months I'll be collecting as much information and links as I can, for posting here. If you know BJC better than I, which is most likely, then please send some info my way.

Kenichi Asai also plays guitar for Ajico and the Sherbets, two excellent bands if there ever were some.

blankey jet city

Kenichi Asai: Vocals, Guitar
Toshiyuki Terui: Bass
Tatsuya Nakamura: Drums



Kenichi Asai Is Very Busy Lately

Please check out my Ajico, Jude and Sherbets pages to find out more.

JM = Junk Magnet has this

1st Album:
[Red Guitar and the Truth]
Toshiba-EMI TOCT-6087

2nd Album:
Toshiba-EMI TOCT-6380

Live Album:
[The Blankey Jet City Live!]
Toshiba-EMI TOCT-6685

3rd Album:
[C.B. Jim]
Toshiba-EMI TOCT-6910

4th Album:
[Metal Moon]
Toshiba-EMI TOCT-8149

5th Album:
[Shiawaseno Kane ga Narihibiki Boku wa Tada Kanashii Furi wo suru]
Toshiba-EMI TOCT-8372

6th Album:
[The Six]
Toshiba-EMI TOCT-8740

7th Album:
Toshiba-EMI TOCT-9240

8th Album:
[Love Flash Fever]
Polydor POCH-1633

Best Of Album:
[Kokkyousenjou no Chou]
Toshiba-EMI TOCT-10168

9th Album:
[Romeo's Heart]
Polydor POCH-1708

10th Album:
[Harlem Jets] JM
Polydor POCH-1919

2nd Live Album (2CDs):
[Last Dance]
Polydor UPCH-1005/1006

Best Of Album:
[Blankey Jet City 1991-1995] JM
Toshiba-EMI TOCT-24419

Best Of Album:
[Blankey Jet City 1997-2000] JM
Polydor UPCH-1017

For singles check their web site.


blankey jet city


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