I'm a big fan of the anime [Mezzo], due in no small part to the explosive beginning and ending themes by Barnabys.

Shoko, Ai and Miyoko are a power trio that are awfully cute yet take no fuckin' prisoners. I was so impressed by their sound that I tracked down their two CD releases, a [Sukimami Maitai] single that contains the [Mezzo] songs I heard, along with a [5 Songs] mini-album that adds on three extra-killer tracks.

Barnabys are tuneful yet fairly abrasive, with tight instrumentals and sing-along growl crooning by Shoko. I'm particularly partial to [in the galaxy] from [5 songs], which transcends multiple moods, and is guaranteed to get you moving by the ending rave-up. It surpasses most mid-90s indy rock from America's tuneland, grafting on a Japanese twist with punk sensibilities that's sure to please.

I also find [Sukimami Maitai], the [Mezzo] intro, to be way past catchy, with the sound a speeding car makes when it crashes into band practice in a garage. Fast and furious, with shards of brilliance poking through the rubble.

It's completely incidental that the band is all female, because they rock the pants off of most boy outfits so extremely. That said, I adore skillful women musicians, so there's really nothing at all wrong with this picture. Here's hoping that they release a full album soon.


Shoko: Guitar, Vocals
Ai: Bass, Vocals
Miyoko: Drums, Chrous



Do The Barnabys Still Exist?

Right now I have no idea if this trio is still around. Their official website is dead (but the Radio Zipangu page is now back), and I'm definitely not in the loop. If you have any information, then please let me know.

JM = Junk Magnet has this

Sukimami Maitai]

[Sukimami Maitai] JM

5 Songs

Mini Album:
[5 Songs] JM

Go here for demo and limited releases.

Check here for song clips




Barnabys [J]
Official Page

Barnabys [J]
Zipangu Records


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