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2.1.2008 - [I Give Up - More Things From Japan] Hide
[Fantastic OT9] by Tamio Okuda

Here's the almost-monthly updated list of some CDs and DVDs on pre-order from Japan.

01) [Fantastic OT9], Tamio Okuda, 1.16.08, SECL-579, 2,913yen (album)

02) [Ratatattat !], Pistol Valve, 1.23.08, YRCN-95007, 3,048yen (album, version with DVD)

03) [cocoon], Anna Tsuchiya, 1.30.08, CTCR-40265, 1,600yen (single, version with DVD)

04) [Kingdom], Kumi Koda, 1.30.08, RZCD-45829, 5,238yen (album, version with 2 DVDs)

05) [Tokyo Bambi], The Pillows, 1.30.08, AVCD-31309, 1,714yen (single, version with DVD)

06) [Wake up! Stand up! and Go! the pillows Wake up! Tour 2007 10 08@Zepp tokyo], The Pillows, 1.30.08, AVBD-91501, 3,714yen (DVD)

07) [Ash Like Snow], the brilliant green, 2.6.08, DFCL-1438, 1,429yen (single, version with DVD)

08) [Jasper], Kaela Kimura, 2.6.08, COZA-291, 1,400yen (single, version with DVD)

09) [Heart Station / Stay Gold], Hikaru Utada, 2.20.08, TOCT-40200, 1,048yen (single)

10) [Heart Station], Hikaru Utada, 3.19.08, TOCT-26600, 2,913yen (album)

11) [Yuki Video 2], Yuki, 3.19.08, ESBL-2196, 3,800yen (DVD)

I'm cutting down my J-Stuff purchases in 2008, but these pre-orders from 2007 will be quite appreciated, as they trickle in over the next two months. Please note the new Hikki and Tamio Okuda albums - score!



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