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9.25.2006 - [Tsu Shi Ma Mi Re and Suicide Girls, Again] Hide

Just like last year, the amazing Tsu Shi Ma Mi Re (aka TsuShiMaMiRe) are touring with selected members of the Suicide Girls stable of half-dressed women.

Sep 28 - Minneapolis, MN, First Avenue
Sep 30 - Chicago, IL, Double Door
Oct 01 - Chicago, IL, Double Door
Oct 02 - Detroit, MI, The Majestic
Oct 05 - Saint Louis, MO, Pop's
Oct 06 - Iowa City, IA, The Picador
Oct 08 - Cleveland, OH, Beachland Ballroom
Oct 09 - Columbus, OH, Little Brother's
Oct 10 - Buffalo, NY, Buffalo Icon
Oct 15 - Hartford, CT, Webster Theatre
Oct 17 - Northampton, MA, Pearl Street
Oct 18 - Cambridge, MA, Middle East
Oct 19 - Philadelphia, PA, Starlite Ballroom
Oct 20 - Atlantic City, NJ, Club Harlem at House of Blues Atlantic
Oct 21 - Brooklyn, NY, Southpaw
Oct 22 - New York, NY, Knitting Factory
Oct 24 - Baltimore, MD, The Ottobar
Oct 25 - Falls Church, VA, State Theatre
Oct 27 - Charlotte, NC, Amos' Southend
Oct 28 - Atlanta, GA, Roxy Theatre
Oct 29 - Miami, FL, Studio A
Oct 30 - Cocoa Beach, FL, Club Kashmere
Oct 31 - Tallahassee, FL, The Beta Bar
Nov 02 - Houston, TX, Numbers
Nov 03 - Austin, TX, Emo's
Nov 04 - Dallas, TX, Gypsy Ballroom
Nov 06 - Oklahoma City, OK, Bricktown Live
Nov 07 - San Antonio, TX, White Rabbit
Nov 09 - Albuquerque, NM, Launchpad
Nov 10 - Tucson, AZ, Club Congress
Nov 13 - Phoenix, AZ, Marquee Theatre
Nov 14 - San Diego, CA, Brick by Brick
Nov 15 - Los Angeles, CA, Key Club
Nov 16 - Agoura Hills, CA, The Canyon Club
Nov 17 - Santa Ana, CA, The Galaxy
Nov 18 - Cabazon, CA, Key Club@Morongo

Audrey from BENTEN also says that the latest Tsu Shi Ma Mi Re Live DVD is ready, with footage from Tokyo and across the US. $15 for 64 minutes can't be beat, and that's reason enough to attend one of the above shows.

I'm sure the music will be great, and the assembled girls alt-attractive, but last year in San Francisco I stayed for my Japanese associates, and left soon after the burlesque started - among other things, I wasn't that into the hooting crowd. Your mileage may vary, but you'll no doubt carry the musical magic home with you.


9.14.2006 - [Veronica Mars: Case Of The Sassy Sleuth] Hide

I've sworn off watching TV for free (since I watch it for pay at work), and so I often wait until the end of a season to catch up on choice series. I'm doing this with [Lost] right now, and I just finished a month of thoroughly enjoying both seasons of Veronica Mars via Netflix.

For those not in the know, it's a "lesser-network" (UPN and CW) show that's a clever combination of something like [The OC] and [Moonlighting]. That's to say it's a rich-poor high school So Cal detective series, with drama and romance always mixed with witty dialogue. Kristen Bell is the star, portraying a teenaged sleuth who works both for her detective father and school mates that need help. Each season has a larger mystery involving the many citizens of Neptune, a stratified area near San Diego where the ultra-rich bump heads with the merely mortal. For example, the first season focuses on the death of Veronica's best friend, and how that ties into the machinations of her social circle, both youth and adult, friend and foe. Thus, there's always multiple plot threads going on, which can satisfy both those looking for teen drama and those who like adult intrigue.

I'll refrain from offering further information, because fan sites like Mars Investigations do such a great job. [Veronica Mars] is the kind of lower-rated show that has more rabid fans that it knows what to do with, thanks to the talented (and attractive) cast and the inspired writing. It's not amazingly deep, but it has much more going for it than most shows I can think of. I highly recommend that you look into it.

By the way, even thought I know it's hard not to be a Kristen Bell fan, you should also pay attention to Tina Majorino, who plays her techie sidekick with flair and sparkle. Also, if you do watch TV, please watch [Veronica Mars] each week, instead of on DVD. The 3rd season starts 10.3.2006, and if the ratings stay in the dumps, cancellation is almost certain.


9.1.2006 - [Sardina: The Best Band From Indiana, Ever] Hide

1996. Do you remember that oh-so special year, which happened to be the start of the [Junk Magnet] website? I do, and my favorite album that year was the best bargain bin find I ever made at Amoeba Records in Berkeley - [Presents] by Sardina. Here was the crazy review I did:

Postal person decathlon; all gold medals, and more mail for me. Lawn-sprinkler jumps draw the largest crowds, and interstate hopscotch is underwritten by the money this record should have made. Michelle Marchesseault is the new sing-along obsession, and when she blows bubbles in my ears, Bettie Serveert only to be whapped at the net by the best double doubles since the Pixies. Bjork carries in the torch 6 years too late, but the fire burns brighter thanks to the Green/Christie/Ellrich synchronized sonic massage team. Commemorative antelope stamps become all the rage; I wallpaper with them. Amazing.

Since that is bound not to make sense, let me be clearer: Sardina were a four piece from Indianapolis, with PJ Christie, LonPaul Ellrich, Marty Green, and the amazing Michelle Marchesseault vocalizing. They started in 1993, and in 1995/1996 their first and only album was released on Hit It Recordings. Those 12 songs are perhaps the best overall collection I can think of, not just because of technical skill and inventiveness, but so much emotion combined with silliness. It's the kind of recording that you can listen to for 10 years straight and never tire of, with excellent balance between the up-tempo numbers and the more loaming Michelle-led heartbreakers. A little bit country, a biggle bit indie rock, [Presents] was and remains a marvel, from its Led Zeppelin parody album cover inwards.

As we all know, this world is often not unfair. Sardina should have took off in popularity because of [Presents], and the band moved to Chicago partially to prepare for the good things ahead. Then, in 1997, it was over soon after it got good. Around that time, I tried emailing Hit It, desperate for information about this great, somewhat obscure band, and they didn't had much to impart. So, I resigned myself to just enjoy the 12 songs I did have, and wish upon a passing UPS truck that someday, more would come from the people behind my fandom.

Which brings us back to this week, when I went over the new Some Girls record and realized that there was a Sardina song covered on it. My excitement soon got the best of me, and when I plugged in "Some Girls Sardina" into Google, I found out that there was an actual Sardina mini-site, made by a band member, with dozens of unreleased songs! Yes, exclamation point! These songs had apparently been up for a while, and for free anyone can download [Presents] in its entirety, along with 92 other MP3s! There's more than enough material for their second album, plus scores of live tracks, some of which like the [Waldron Show 1995] are amazing, and quite clearly recorded. Any Sardina fan must praise God for this collection, and anyone who hasn't heard of them should go right this instant.

My iPod is now filled with new treasures from Indiana, and I can't think of a better post-Birthday present than more of one of my favorite bands ever. For those who didn't get the hint - download [Presents] already.


9.1.2006 - [Some Girls Are All About Lovely Crushing] Hide

It has been established that I'm a Juliana Hatfield fan, and this year I've done my duty, and bought up all of her mid-career solo albums that I missed the first time around. They're actually great, and [Bed] and [Only Everything] are some of my new/old favorites. I've also been excited by her new three-piece, Some Girls, and their sophomore effort is a keeper.

[Crushing Love], also featuring Freda Love (ex Blake Babies) and Heidi Gluck, is evolved in most every way from [Feel It], their first effort in 2003. The songs have more texture sonically, with additional layers of production that allow the lyrics to surf as opposed to merely skate. It still sounds like a Juliana Hatfield record, but less fragmented and more friendly than her last album, [Made In China]. Songs like [Partner In Crime] could easily fit on her best-of album, while others like [Hooray For L.A.] have the Some Girls chug-a-lug, not to mention loads of sing-along sarcastic charm.

The real reason that I fell in love with this album on first listen is that they had the audacity to cover one of my favorite big-little bands ever, Sardina. [He's On Drugs Again] has always been a great song, but hardly anyone heard it off of the mid-90s masterwork that was [Presents]. I have so much more to say about Sardina, that I'm going to devote the next entry to them - see above.

In any case, [Crushing Love] is a solid poppy-rock release, and if you buy the plastic disc, in some places you'll also get a bundled DVD of 7 live songs plus extras. How you do like them apples?



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