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[Junk Magnet] is a small publication that I started in 1994. Some people call it a zine, and they'd be right despite my aversion to the term. There have been 8 print issues so far, and more are coming soon. In the past I printed 1-200 copies of each issue, and most are already sold out. Well, more like given away, with the occasional copy vended in stores around Berkeley.

I still have around 100 copies of my last big issue - 2.4, which is 134 pages with tons of pictures, over 100 music reviews (actually helpful and non-cryptic ones), not to mention bits of writing about this and that, and 5 [antizine] stories (parts 4 through 8). All of this is $5 post paid, and I'm not about to sell it to you any harder. If you want to support me a bit, send cash or a check to "Nicholas Freeman" at the address on the bottom of every single page, and I will adore you forever.

Since the second anniversary of [Junk Magnet] came and went without little fanfare last month, I did my duty and published 1.5, the first half of the massive world-wide JM celebratory extravaganza. It's 100 pages with 100 pictures of Richmond and El Cerrito, California - my home towns - in a thick yet neo-slick 200-copy hand-printed computer-safe issue, all for only $3 post paid, or $2.50 from the following retail locations:


Cody's Books, 2454 Telegraph Ave., Berkeley
Comic Relief, 2138 University Ave., Berkeley
Epicenter Zone, 475 Valencia, San Francisco
Infoshop, 3124 Shattuck Ave., Berkeley


Powell's Books, 3723 SE Hawthorne Blvd., Portland
Reading Frenzy, 921 SW Oak St., Portland


Fallout, 1506 E. Olive Way, Seattle
Pistil, 1013 E. Pike, Seattle
Rainy Day Records, Corner of Harrison and Division, Olympia
Zanadu Comics, 1923 3rd Ave. or 1307 NE 45th, Seattle

Need self-serving review quotes? OK then:

"An ever-changing zine that floats between political thought, technology, and traditional zine stuff. The focus is always changing and the contents are dense yet very readable.... A challenging diversion from the lighter zine reading out there." [Factsheet Five]

"The latest issue, 2.4, included photo essays and trips, extensive reviews of music, zines and magazines, and several "chapters" of his ongoing fiction story Antizine. (Antizine happens to be my favorite part...) Great layout, Nick's a computer guy!" [100% Acrylic]

"I love this! Definitely support this guy!" [Rats Live on No Evil Star]

O.K., so the last two were from friends' zines, but honest - I'm trying really hard here.

If you're totally absolutely interested, I can probably scrounge up copies of a couple other back issues. Some people also had the audacity to give me subscription money, and all 4 of them have been inundated with material. Not that I produce things regularly enough now to solicit your future commitment, but stranger things have happened.

(For those in the know, 2.5, the second-half of the second anniversary, will be out in a few months - reserve your copy today!)

Whatever. Consider this site shareware. If you like, send something cool (money is optional, yet appropriately appreciated). In any case, thank you for your time and bandwidth.


[Junk Magnet] [P.O. Box 11501] [Berkeley, CA 94712-2501]