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(last updated 9-2-96)


Air Miami, [me. me. me.], 4AD/TeenBeat
The Amps, [Pacer], 4AD/Elektra


Balloon Guy, [The West Coast Shakes], Warner Bros.
Barefoot Hockey Goalie, [Darius A Rock Opera], Accretions
Beck, [Odelay], DGC
Black Market, [Transfigurations], Black Market
Blueberrie Spy, [Sing Sing], Shimmy Disc
Boredoms, [Super Roots 5], WEA Japan/100%
Boredoms, [Super Roots 6], WEA Japan/100%
Boyracer, [In Full Colour], Zero Hour
Butterflies, [Bored Room], Ng
Butterfly Train, [Distorted, Retarted, Peculiar], Up


Cosmic Dreams, [Not Of This World], Cosmic Dreams


de Schmog, [Kiddie Wonderland], Disclexington Productions
The Drovers, [Little High Sky Show], Thermometer Sound Surface



The Feelings, [Especially For You], Pop Secret/Darla
Ford Pier, [Meconium], Wrong
Fuck, [Pretty...Slow], Rhesus




Ida, [I Know About You], Simple Machines
Incredible Force of Junior, [Blue Cheer/Driving in Your Car] (7"), Up
Incredible Force of Junior, [Let The World Fall Apart], Up
Individual Fruit Pie, [Release Me], Dot Dot Dash
The Inklings, [Room On Venus], Living Room
Iris, [After School Special], Bubble Core
Irving Klaw Trio, [Irving Klaw Trio], Imp


John's Black Dirt, [Perpetual Optimism is a Force Multiplier], Grass
The Joy Poppers, [Zoomar!], Widely Distributed



Land of the Loops, [Bundle of Joy], Up


Marbles, [Go Marilee b/w Grant Me The Day] (7"), Bus Stop/Elephant 6
Menthol, [Menthol], Capitol
Matthew Hattie Hein, [Last Chance] (7"), Ross
The Minders, [The Minders] (7"), Elephant 6
Modest Mouse, [Interstate 8], Up
Modest Mouse, [Modest Mouse] (7"), Sub Pop
Modest Mouse, [This Is A Long Drive For Someone With Nothing To Think About], Up



Oblivion, [Shoot Me a Waco], Johanns Face
The Olivia Tremor Control, [Music from the unrealized film script, Dusk at Cubist Castle], Flydaddy/Elephant 6
Only a Mother, [Feral Chickens], T.E.C. Tones


Pain, [Goggins], Goggins
The Philistines Jr., [The Sinking of the S.S. Danehower], Dot Dot Dash
Pitchblende Quartet, [Gygax!], Headhunter
Pond, [The Practice of Joy Before Death], Sub Pop


Quasi, [Early Recordings], Key-Op


Retsin, [Egg Fusion], Simple Machines
Run On, [Start Packing], Matador


Sardina, [Presents], HitIt!
Secret Square, [Secret Square], Elephant 6
Self, [Subliminal Plastic Motives], Spongebath/Zoo
Shove/Torpedo, [Tandem], Schizophonic/Omnibus
Simple Ones, [Two Cups For A Tale], Shangri-La
Sincola, [Crash Landing In Teen Heaven], Caroline
Sincola, [What the Nothinghead Said], Caroline
supersport 2000, [Pinkslip] (CD5), Boys Life




Vitapup, [An Hour With Vitapup], Candy-Ass/Plump


The Wrens, [Secaucus], Grass




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