Shiny Black Rainbows

Shiny Black Rainbows

[Issue 3]
Tori Amos Unplugged, Poetry, Music and Book reviews,
Advice Column, Survey Results

[Issue 4]
Poetry, lots of reviews, Living In Las Vegas, Advice Column,
Metallica Lyrics, and a new Reader Survey

[Issue 5]
Smashing Pumpkins Keyboardist Dies, Poetry, Music and Movie reviews
Advice Column, Cure Lyrics, Survey Results, and nice words about JM

[Issue 6]
New Summer Movies, Poetry, many reviews, Advice Column,
Marilyn Manson and Tori Amos Lyrics, another Reader Survey,
and generalized Laura clarity.

[Issue 7]
Vampires, Poetry, loads of reviews, tasteful advertising,
Silverchair Lyrics, Advice Column, and Survey results

[Issue 8]
All about the Blood Countess, Poems, Reviews and the other
stuff that [SBR] excels at, plus a little storylet

[Issue 9]
The Vampire of Hanover, hating the Pillowcase Rapist, and all the
poetry, reviews, song lyrics, ads and Survey Results you adore

[Issue 10]
Lots of vampirism (Billy Corgan = bloodsucker?), and heaping handfuls of
other wonderful items, in an 10th issue celebratory manner.

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