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Junk Magnet is a (maga)zine started in 1994 by Nicholas Freeman, as a spin-off from the late, lamented FREEMedia Productions (if you have to ask, you don't want to know).

Never exceeding a print run of 200, and barely known outside of Berkeley (well, perhaps in Portland, OR and parts of Oakland), Junk Magnet nevertheless managed to eek out an existance that, when not provoking curious looks at independent bookstores, actually managed to lose lots of money in an enjoyable and productive fashion.

That is to say that after 10 issues of various sizes, formats and price ranges, Junk Magnet actually made a small impact in the small-press scene, even taking part in a leg of the mythical Kill Zinesters tour (which was quite cool, thanks Darby). It also was mentioned a few times in Factsheet 5 and other zines and magazines, which, as you know, isn't saying much.

But you have to understand, Junk Magnet wasn't just an obscure publication that Nicholas Freeman tried to push upon customers when he was a bank teller; no, Junk Magnet was a sometimes rambling, sometimes terribly excessive little pile of photocopies that some people seemed to really like.

Junk Magnet was also home to various stories under the collective title of "antizine", which, believe it or not, was one of the first serialized stories available on the net, way back in 1994 (yeah, I know, AOL isn't really the net, SPINonline doubly so, but bear with me). Antizine is actually pretty nifty, and segments of it have been read by a number of folks who thought it quite swell.

There even was a JM web site back in 1996, but it was rather dense and overly ambitious, and so it was put out of its misery after a few months.

Which brings us past place-holding Geocities sites to junkmagnet.com, which is the same old shit all over again, only this time for free and with Quicker MP3s (hint, hint).

Right now there's four main sections, providing various levels of interest, and if you get a kick out of anything you can write and let me know. If you actually want back issues (or want to request that I do more print work), then raise your hand now, because once the seat-belt lights go on, all bets are off and the floatation devices will be discarded.

That's a very strange was of saying that Junk Magnet is once again alive and kicking, and actually a little excited to make your acquaintance. The best may not be yet to come, but something is coming alright, so step the hell off and prepare yourself.


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