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5 people won Titan Go King's sample CDs or full albums.



Contest: Win Titan Go King's CDs
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The winners are as follows:

4 Winners: [Titan Go King's Sound Sampler 01].

Ben Sabin
Bill Beckett
Jessica Co
Christopher Tang

1 Grand Prize: The above mentioned sampler, along with a DVD of their promotional video for [A Volume of Titan Go King's]. Plus, both of their albums in brand new Japanese versions.

Marisa Repin

Winners have already been contacted, and will be sent their prizes shortly.

There are bands you like for purely aesthetic purposes - their sound, divorced from their show, is pleasing for whatever reason. Then there are bands like Titan Go King's that have to be appreciated via the whole package, music as well as stage presence.

Pinky (Vocals, Guitar), Yonyon (Bass) and Lintsu (Drums) are three girls from Kyoto and Tokyo that have that special something, cuteness combined with a visceral pop punk explosion that's hard to resist.

In other words, Titan Go King's ROCK. Big noise of bliss, the sort of tuneful yet loud music that's suitable for commercials or late night mosh pits. They just finished a Japan Girls Night Tour of the US, with highlights at South By Southwest and on the West Coast, including Berkeley and San Francisco. I saw them two nights in a row, and enjoyed every minute. Go here and here to see my concert pictures.

Listen to Titan Go King's

Bobbed Hair (mp3, SXSW)

Titan Go King's Home Page (English)


Now, I'm giving away a number of their CDs to five lucky winners. The available prizes are:

4 Winners: [Titan Go King's Sound Sampler 01]. Three songs by this amazing trio, [A Volume of Titan Go King's], [Go Go Idol] and [Theme of P punk], in a highly attractive and collectable fold-out cardboard sleeve, with scads of biographical info.

1 Grand Prize: The above mentioned sampler, along with a DVD of their promotional video for [A Volume of Titan Go King's]. You're really going to have to try hard to find that DVD elsewhere, plus the video is quite cute. What's more, you'll also win both of their albums, brand new Japanese versions of the following:

Ultrasonic Wave 01

1st Album:
[Ultrasonic Wave 01]

Gut's Idol

2nd Album:
[Gut's Idol]

Don't you want to win one of these fabulous prizes? All you have to do to enter is to e-mail me, and use Titan Go King's Contest as the subject. That's it. Your email address is your entry. You can enter until 4.30.05, and the winners will be contacted on 5.1.05

I expect tons of entries, so don't delay. Expect lots more contests over the coming months - some really cool things are lined up from bands I'll be covering soon.

Your email address and other information will never be seen by anyone else, or used by me for any reason, except to contact the winners.


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