Someone won PINE*am CDs, T-Shirt, stickers, posters and other great stuff from this fine trio.



Contest: Win PINE*am CD, T-Shirt, Stickers, Button, Poster
Entry over

1st Place: Jennifer

2nd Place: Ashley B.

3rd Place: Robert W.

PINE*am are an excellent female trio from Japan who make expertly crafted electronic pop music. Their second album [Pull The Rabbit Ears] will be coming out in the US on 5.31.05, and it's a fine affair, filled with pleasing sounds and ethereal harmonies.

Listen to PINE*am

MySpace: PINE*am

PINE*am Home Page (Eenie Meenie)

Over the next month PINE*am will be touring the US, promoting the release of their album, so make sure you check them out if possible:

05/12/05 - Los Angeles, CA @ Silverlake Lounge (2906 Sunset Blvd.), 8 PM, $7, 21+
05/14/05 - Chicago, IL @ buddY. (1542 N. Milwaukee Ave., 2nd Fl.), 11:30 PM, AA, $6 donation
05/16/05 - New York, NY @ Tonic (107 Norfolk St.), 18+
05/17/05 - New York, NY @ Piano's (158 Ludlow St.), 8 PM, $7, 21+ (minors okay w/ guardian)
05/20/05 - Portland, OR @ Portland State Univ. (Smith Memorial Center), 12 PM, AA, Free
05/20/05 - Portland, OR @ Bossanova (722 E. Burnside Ave.), 10 PM
05/21/05 - Seattle, WA @ High Dive (513 N. 36th St.), 10 PM, 21+, $7
05/24/05 - San Francisco, CA @ The Make Out Room (3225 22nd St.), 10 PM, 21+, $8
05/25/05 - Albany, CA @ The Ivy Room (860 San Pablo Ave.), 10 PM, 21+, $7
05/27/05 - G4 Video Game TV live performance, 4 PM PST
05/27/05 - Los Angeles, CA @ Tempest (7323 Santa Monica Blvd.), 11 PM, 18+
05/29/05 - Denver, CO @ TBA
05/31/05 - Los Angeles, CA @ UCLA (Bruin Plaza), 12 PM, Free
05/31/05 - Los Angeles, CA @ Amoeba Music (6400 Sunset Blvd.), 7 PM in-store

In celebration of their album and tour, I'm joining with Eenie Meenie records to provide the following amazing prizes:

Pull The Rabbit Ears

2nd Album:
[Pull The Rabbit Ears]

First Prize = T-Shirt + signed CD of [Pull The Rabbit Ears] + stickers/buttons/signed poster

Second Prize = Signed CD of [Pull The Rabbit Ears] + stickers/buttons/signed poster

Third Prize = Stickers/Buttons/signed poster

Don't you want to win one of these fabulous prizes? All you have to do to enter is to e-mail me, and use PINE*am Contest as the subject. That's it. Your email address is your entry. You can enter until 5.6.05, and the winners will be contacted at that time.

I expect tons of entries, so don't delay. Expect lots more contests over the coming months - some really cool things are lined up from bands I'll be covering soon.

Your email address and other information will never be seen by anyone else, or used by me for any reason, except to contact the winners.

Special PINE*am Anime Contest

Eenie Meenie: PINE*am Contest

For all you artists out there - hit the link above to create a PINE*am poster, and win even greater prizes than what I'm giving away. You have until 4.30.05 to enter.

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