Molice contest

Three people won an autographed new CD, [Doctor Ray], by Molice, the Japanese rock band.



Contests: Win 1 of 3 signed [Doctor Ray] CDs; Title Songs On Their New Album
Entry Over
[Doctor Ray] by Molice

The winners are:

Robert W.
Juan M.
Omar N.

Molice are a great Japanese rock band that have been around for about 2 years, and they've had one album so far. The members are:

Rinko: Vocals
Takeda Yuzuru: Guitars
Koyama Takashi: Drums
Ikuhiro: Bass

Molice has a strong Pixies influence - more specifically, the guitar sound is close to latter-day Joey Santiago, all desert-surf and sunny melodies.

They've been hitting Shibuya, Akihabara and Shinjuku hard, and the constant shows and 4 demo CDs eventually produced [Doctor Ray], their first album. It's quite a solid effort, with 12 songs that grab you from the get go, and don't hit the brakes until you're sonically satisfied.

Win Autographed CDs by picking titles for new Molice songs

Molice is working on more music, and they want their fans to give them suggested song title names. You can go to these three sites to hear more Molice:

Now that you've heard more of their music, pick some song titles that sound like they might fit potential future Molice songs. Titles in English or other languages are fine.

Here are some titles from [Doctor Ray], to give you an idea of what they like:

White Vertigo
Love Song
Superb Space
Pale Wind
Pretty Sound

Here are some song titles they've already picked for the next album:

Monster (
Android said
Monday Ran
Fine Wave
Into You
Active Imagination

Molice will pick the best three entries for potential use on their next album, coming soon. Each of the 3 winners will walk away with a brand new version of [Doctor Ray], autographed by the band on the cover insert, given to me for free especially for this contest. It has twelve songs, all of which are great.

All entries will become the property of Molice.

Entry Details

Don't you want to potentially have your song titles used by Molice? All you have to do to enter is to e-mail me, and use Molice Song Title Contest as the subject. That's it. Your email address is your entry - include your song titles in the message.

It's OK to send just one song title, or you can send more. Each person will have only one contest entry, no matter how many potential titles you send.

If you are following me on Twitter, then you can also enter that way - follow me, and then send @junkmagnet a message to Molice Song Title Contest. Include your song titles in the tweet. If they don't all fit into one, then tweet again. That's all you need.

You can enter until 7.15.2009. Only residents of the United States can win, since I'm not shipping abroad this time - sorry about that.

I expect some entries, so don't delay. If people respond, I'll consider more contests soon.

Your email address and other information will never be seen by anyone else, or used by me for any reason, except to contact the winners.

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