Bambi And Her Pink Gun

Two someones won the first English volume of [Bambi And Her Pink Gun] by Kaneko Atsushi.



Contest: Volume 1 (English) of [BAMBi And Her Pink Gun]
Entry Over

1st Winner: Kendra K.

2nd Winner: Sherlan A.

Kaneko Atsushi (a.k.a Atsushi Kaneko in the US) is a manga god in my eyes. Born in 1966 and working in comics since the late 80s, I first heard about him around 5 years ago, and for the past 12 months I'm managed to track down all of his available works, most notably [SOIL] and [BAMBi].

The former is still being serialized in the monthly [Comic Beam], while [BAMBi] graduated from those pages into 7 collections. Those compendiums were a bolt from the entire rainbow for me, with hyper-kinetic art and heaping handfuls of gallows humor, mass inventiveness of plot, and the kinetic energy of rendering that vibrates off of the page in a symphony of something special.


A brief synopsis that really doesn't get to the meat of the matter is that BAMBi is a young girl with pink hair and a pink gun. She's follows the Old Guy Path, so to speak, and is on a mission to steal and transport a young boy. However, she has to steal him from the Gabba King, a bloodthirsty Fat Elvis pop star type that literally knocks the girls dead.

She gets the boy relatively easily, but the road back home is hell. Every assassin out there has contracted to kill her and return the child that she named Pampi. So, almost every chapter has her chased by a killer, or killing a killer, or finding out her limitations and then promptly ignoring them.

Digital Manga Publishing has wisely decided to license BAMBi for the US, by preparing an English translation that seems quite true to the source. The first volume is coming out in July, with the rest to follow ever quarter or so.

To celebrate, I'm giving away two copies of that first English volume:


[BAMBi And Her Pink Gun] Volume 1
Digital Manga Publishing
ISBN 1569709416

Don't you want to win this fabulous book? All you have to do to enter is to e-mail me, and use BAMBi Contest as the subject. That's it. Your email address is your entry. You can enter until 6.30.05, and the two winners will be contacted at that time.

You must be in the United States to win, since I want to minimize shipping costs by mailing direct from the source - in this case, The publication date is supposed to be "Mid July", so I can't say quite when it will hit the streets. Thus, the contest will go to the end of the month, and hopefully it will be out soon after.

I expect tons of entries, so don't delay. Expect lots more contests over the coming months.

Your email address and other information will never be seen by anyone else, or used by me for any reason, except to contact the winners.

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